Lazarus, indeed.

Sorry, been busy. If I get permission I’ll be off to Brett and Sharee’s property again, with a few other slackers who love doing nothing but drinking and fishing. But, I digress…

Found this numpty who thinks he knows climate science. On the two posts I saw he’s been shot down in flames already. Sorry, but Steve Goddard is right – see WUWT. And sorry, but Shakun et. al. is being taken to pieces.

Lazarus indeed. Not even a Mann hockey-stick-like change could resurrect his credibility, after 4 decades let alone 4 days.

UPDATE: Here’s the dumbfrack’s site –

UPDATE 2: The numpty’s other blog site – What’s his stats compared to Andrew Bolt?

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What a Fantastic Friday 13th!

Bob Brownshirt, that weedy little shit of a Senator from Tasmania, has resigned.  Gaia be prased!

I wonder if any of his alien friends gave him a call?

Unfortunately that silly cow Christine Milne is now the PM…

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Android App

Been playing with the WordPress Android app on my tablet. A bit cludgy, but being used to full functionality on a PC it should be usable.

See how it goes when I’m in the middle of nowhere, say Meadowbank, or The Chase Campground at Bathurst.

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Starting, again…

After a few false starts I’ve decided to give this a proper go.  With all the freedom of speech bullshit going on at the moment, someone has to keep waving a flag of some sort.

If the Australian Greens Socialist Labor Party have their way I wouldn’t be allowed to post here…

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