Shivs are out

I’ve been wandering around the interwebs and I thought I’d check up on what the blogsphere is saying about Gaia-guru James Lovelock.

I did a Borg/Google search on blogs just for ‘James Lovelock’. Surprisingly, realist blogs came up on the first page. But, by the second page, some obscure scaremonger blogs started to appear, and it was a case of ‘knife, meet back’. Judith Curry all over again.

Here’s my surprised look.

I’ll do the search again tomorrow, when more of the warming-crowd have picked their jaws up from their keyboards.

Fair dinkum, the warmenistas would eat their own young if they proved to be heretics to this loony religion.

UPDATE 27/04/2012: It looks like the AGW alarmists are quiet on Mr Lovelock. I wonder why? Is he someone they can’t ‘Gillard’ so easily? Looks like it.


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